Antigua College International is a multi-cultural community of students and educators. We work together to build our nation and to contribute to better lives for others who share the same community that we do.

Students at Antigua College International are closely guided by their professors and instructors so they can tread the path to success. We believe that there are so many opportunities open for you following your graduation from Antigua College International. Let us help you determine those opportunities while you earn your degree from our institution.

We continually innovate our educational programs and will pay individualized attention to the development of our students. You can definitely benefit from the close and encouraging supervision of educators at Antigua College International. Here, YOUR success is our priority.

Mission Statement

To provide superior educational opportunities through innovation, enhanced knowledge , and first class service. We are committed to graduating students who are successfully prepared to meet the challenges of their chosen career and future.

Our Vision

Our commitment is to graduate prepared professionals who will provide leadership excellence in the communities they serve.

School Goals

  • To develop and deliver degree programs that meet the demands of the job markets. 
  • Provide an academic experience that enhances the student’s general education foundation, and builds the skills necessary for a lifetime of learning. 
  • Promote student, faculty and administration commitments to personal and professional development, academic excellence and civic responsibilities.
  • Encourage a culture that empowers, values, respects, and promotes, civility responsibility, integrity, accountability, continuous improvement, teamwork, innovation, communication, collaboration, the freedom of inquiry and expression 

Our School Profile

Antigua College International has managed to build a reputation for excellent academic programs that hone the potential of every student. Whether a student takes online classes or earns a degree in a physical classroom, we give them opportunities for higher learning in every way possible. Our courses are a product of long-term study and have been structured to effectively harness the capabilities of our enrollees.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Antigua College International is an equal opportunity educational institution. We do not exercise discrimination in the admission of students or employment of faculty based on race, color, religion, disability, ethnic background, national origin or sexual orientation.



2018-2019 Catalog Volume V
2018-2019 Catalog Volume V-Addendum