Our programs are designed to give individuals, who are interested in a career opportunity in the medical field, the correct tools and knowledge to pursue their goals. Antigua College International has a diverse student population; we encourage prospective students from all religious, racial, and ethnic groups to apply and become part of our diverse student community.

Every applicant who wants to enroll at Antigua College must meet the following criteria:

–  Copy of photo identification card (ID)

–  Complete all required documents (e.g. Enrollment Agreement, Admission Application, etc).

– Submit proof of high school graduation or GED (High school documents are evaluated by the admissions department). Foreign High School diploma or equivalent must be translated. See admissions department for more information.

–  Visit campus for an In-person interview with an admission representative.

–  Marriage license or Proof of Name Change (if the name that appears on the diploma is different from current legal name).

– Registration Fee

– Complete New Student Orientation

Once here, ACI students discover extraordinary ways to explore, to collaborate and to challenge themselves. We believe in providing our community with high quality Healthcare professionals that contribute to a more suitable Healthcare system.

Students should save a copy of the admissions form and send by email to admissions@acimails.com

Or print and bring to an admissions appointment

Admission Application English



2018-2019 Catalog Volume V
2018-2019 Catalog Volume V-Addendum