It truly has been a March of Madness in our school. We are constantly talking about how important it is to work hard and to have the proper training. Today, we are pleased to announce that 90% of the students who took the HESI exam at our school, have passed with an overall score of 1000 points and up. As you know, the HESI examination is provided, in the United States, by a private company that provides exams and other educational material designed to prepare student nurses for professional licensure, and predict their likely success in tests such as the NCLEX-RN. This exam tells the students and faculty how well the school training is going.

Today we congratulate Yolaine Sierra, who passed the HESI examination with an astonishing 99.99% score! Madness!  She came to us, and took part of our GUARANTEED program, and after a 99.99% score, we are pleased to show, once more, that our program works!  Many of these ninety-percenters come from other schools where they have been rejected for low scoring in the HESI examination. With this in mind, once more we congratulate our students who obtained over 1000 points in their HESI exam. Thanks for making this March of Madness a reality, we look forward to repeat… in April.

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