It is always hard to take the first step towards a better education. You would immediately face many barriers, such as: Language, time, money, willingness to study, etc. This raises many questions, such as: Is it worth it? Would I be able to do it? What if I fail? Even after you answer all this, you still have answer one more question: Where to find the right education? Education that would fit your needs and would allow you to obtain your degree without wasting time. Fear not, the programs at Antigua College International (ACI) are designed with these things in mind. We believe that higher education is the doorway to the American dream.

Today, we refer to one particular student, who came to us looking to get these questions answered; and she wanted a nursing license. Her name is Soraima Silva.  We could try to tell you how she felt or what her experience at ACI felt like, but we won’t. We could try to talk about her expectations, but we have something better: Let’s read what she has to say. The following is an actual email sent by Soraima, where she recounts her experience at ACI. It reads:

“I became a student at ACI as the school had just opened their doors. Most classes and offices were still under construction. As the school progressed into a more structured environment, I started to feel at home more and more every day. Not only did I feel comfortable with my classmates and professors, but the quality of the Nursing classes and professionalism was one to reckon with. The caliber of education they offer does not compare to many other schools. The professors that I have had the privilege to work with, have the upmost experience in nursing and medicine that I have ever witnessed in the past. They have many years of experience in the medical field and that is what they bring to their students. It has not been an easy road but with a lot of hard work, focus and true dedication it can be accomplished. 

The Strategies that professor Diony teaches were definitely a huge part of me passing the NCLEX. I applied the strategies to every question I came across. I thought of him in many of them and thought back at what he would teach us in class. That definitely was a huge help.

I thank God for sending ACI my way because it has given me the knowledge that I needed to have passed the NCLEX. I recommend Antigua College International for anyone who is seriously interested in having a Nursing Career that will get them ready for NCLEX, and a Future in Nursing.

Sory Silva”

Once more it’s been proven that our programs work. Congratulations to Soraima on this new stage in her life. We are proud to have contributed to her success.

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